Two great locations. One fantastic opportunity.

The City of London and Hackney present a uniquely compelling professional opportunity to Public Health professionals.


Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in becoming Hackney’s and the City of London’s new Director for Public Health. These two locations offer a unique canvas for a Public Health leader to make their mark, and we believe that this role will be one of the most rewarding in the sector. 

Although Hackney is experiencing rapid social and economic change, it is still a borough with high levels of need. It is recognised as providing provides first class public services. The borough has revolutionised education, taking its schools from being the worst in the country to amongst the best. But Hackney still has families living in poverty and deprivation, entrenched health inequalities, high levels of mental health problems, the ongoing issue of gangs and violent crime. Although huge progress has been made in many of these areas, enormous challenges remain, and like all of local government, our resources to tackle them have drastically diminished. What has not diminished is the ambition and determination to keep providing excellent services, and working to improve the life chances of residents. 

The City of London is unique in its profile. It has a resident population of only about 8,000, but a working population of more than half a million people stream in and out of the City every day. We’re a global centre of finance and business that was estimated to contribute in the region of £60bn in Gross Value Added to the UK’s national income in 2017.This equates to around 3% of the UK’s and 14% of London’s output.

Considered together, Hackney and the City of London present a unique professional opportunity to an ambitious Public Health leader – someone who is versatile, ambitious and with a clear sense of how health strategies can make a real difference to people’s lives.  For the right person, this role represents an incredible opportunity to join us in leading and shaping how we 

We look forward to meeting you.

Anne Canning
Group Director, LB Hackney 

Andrew Carter
Director of Community & Children's Services, City of London 

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